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Griezmann penned a deal with the Madrid side which ties him to the Wanda Metropolitano until 2023. And according to Spanish publication Sport , Manchester United are now leading the race for his signature. "The only people who have been managing my brother's interests for two years are myself, my father, Alain, and our lawyer, Sevan Karian". While Manchester United and Barcelona fans will undoubtedly be hoping their clubs can lure Griezmann away from Atletico Madrid , team-mate ...

Both Brazil and the United States have voiced support for Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, who has been recognized as the country's legitimate leader by about 50 countries. A press official for Venezuela's central bank didn't respond to requests for comment. Following the transaction, Citibank owned the gold. In response to Citigroup's settlement, the central bank is weighing options including a declaration of force majeure - a legal status commonly used in the commodities industry ...

At the time of writing (13:37 PT) the T-Series YouTube channel has 90.399 million subscribers and more than 65.1bn views. The controversies and media attention that this T-Series vs. Social Blade , a website that contains subscriber predictions, projected that T-Series will gain 100 million subscribers by May 2019. The feud between the two YouTube channels is intense.

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CBD products will soon be for sale at CVS stores in IN and Kentucky. CVS said the products will include topicals such as creams, sprays, roll-ons, lotions and salves. "We have partnered with CBD product manufacturers that are complying with applicable laws and that meet CVS's high standards for quality", a CVS spokesman said in a statement .

The new truly wireless earphones will be available in the coming months in India. What's similar? Both AirPods models looks exactly the same but there's a new LED indicator The first and second generation Apple AirPods looks exactly the same and there are no new colour options.

Police told AFP that Grou was "slightly wounded in the upper body" when, according to witnesses cited by authorities, "the suspect suddenly ran up to the priest and attacked him with a knife" while he was officiating the mass. Fr. Charles Corso talked to the man, calming him down before police arrived and arrested him. "As we speak there is mass going on in the Basilica of the Oratory and I'm sure everyone is praying for him", said Oratory spokesperson Celine Barbeau.

While Volvo has, like other auto companies, been adopting increasing active safety technology to cut down crashes and fatalities, "technology alone will not get it all the way to zero", the automaker said. "There are many accidents that occur as a result of intoxicated drivers". "Some people still believe that they can drive after having had a drink, and that this will not affect their capabilities".

Martínez added that mispronouncing and making an issue around Ocasio-Cortez's name - as was the case in the Fox News segment - is a specific way of weaponizing one of her most personal aspects, as well as an attempt to diminish her power and erase her identity.

Reports so far gathered indicate that the driver of the VVIP bus driver who is burnt to ashes was dozing but some of the passengers who hot sensed of danger alerted him to park off and rest for a while but he declined, leading to the crash.

To add insult to injury, Michigan State didn't even get the top #2 seed as Tennessee even though the Vols did not win their conference regular season title or the SEC conference tournament title, was awarded the top #2 seed. But I tell you what, if I was a head of a newspaper and you didn't do your job, you'd be held accountable. This was obvious by Izzo's actions toward Aaron Henry .

The training used in Meadowlawn Elementary School that January day is known as " ALICE " - Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate - an "option-based" strategy. He said the plastic pellets used in the "shooting exercise" were "soft" and 4.6 mm in diameter, according to the Star . Meadowlawn Elementary School is a part of the Twin Lakes School Corporation, which released a statement saying it is "committed to providing a safe environment for its students and employees".

National Player of the Year Megan Gustafson leads the Hawks into the NCAA tournament as a two seed. While the Iowa Hawkeyes had a strong regular season with a number of quality wins, they fell short to the Michigan Wolverines in the quarterfinals of the Big 10 tournament and draw an unfortunate matchup in the seventh-seeded Cincinnati Bearcats.

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