A national Christmas tree shortage impacts the Valley

A national Christmas tree shortage impacts the Valley

Anyone can donate a tree by visiting Sugargrove Tree Farm next weekend, December 2nd and 3rd, and sponsoring a tree for $25. Almost 4,000 acres of farmland across CT is planted with Christmas trees.

"Bear in mind that a Christmas tree takes 10-15 years to grow", said Coan.

"We had 50 trees previous year so it is good we have been able to squeeze in a few more and provide an even bigger spectacle". But fire experts are warning us to treat our trees carefully so unexpected fires don't spoil the holidays. Macy tried to purchase Grand firs from OR, but the farmer had to cancel the sale because a heat wave "fried the trees", Macy said.

If you're planning on getting a Christmas tree this year, you better act fast. This year was the first time Bakersfield resident, Amy Patterson, went home with a precut tree. "9 inches to a foot a year".

"The Christmas tree industry was booming and planters were planting more trees than the normally had been planting", Poe said.

The Christmas holiday season will begin at Don's Tree Farm in Greenwood Black Friday, Nov. 24. "There's been a fairly significant increase in prices from past year".

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Poe said for the next few years the demand could overtake the supply.

The News bought the farm in 1976.

"I bring down loads on a weekly basis to ensure that customers have the freshest thing that we can possibly offer", Hale said. "Some of our neighbors are making quite a bit of money, and it's not near the work this is".

There aren't any good statistics on how many Christmas tree farmers have turned to cannabis.

Hundley, though, is skeptical that the trend is real.