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A Testy Orrin Hatch Defends Republican Tax Plan During Senate Hearing

A Testy Orrin Hatch Defends Republican Tax Plan During Senate Hearing

Sherrod BrownSherrod Campbell BrownTrump tells Senate Dems that "rich people get hurt" in GOP tax plan Senate panel approves North Korea banking sanctions Trump names Powell as chairman of Federal Reserve MORE (D-Ohio) Thursday night after Brown accused Republicans of only protecting the rich in their new tax plan during a Senate Finance Committee hearing.

It's a tricky question, because economists and politicians are in disagreement. There is an economic theory that says yes, when businesses get more money, they invest it in the economy and their workers.

The Senate now begins its Thanksgiving recess, during which Republican leaders will try to sell reluctant senators within their own party on the legislation so that they can have a successful vote in early December.

Brown said that the bill provides a tax cut that's "not really for the middle class, it's for the rich". Brown contends that the Republican selling points of the tax bill - that it will raise wages by cutting the corporate tax rate, among other things - just aren't true. While Republicans in both chambers have allowed Democrats to offer amendments to the legislation, they have universally rejected those provisions.

So, corporations will clearly benefit. By definition, being any kind of middle class is "something", otherwise we wouldn't hold it up as the platonic ideal of wholesome America.

The Utah Republican and octogenarian wasn't having it.

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"I come from the poor people, and I've been here working my whole stinkin' career for people who don't have a chance", he said as the room fell silent. "So don't spew that stuff on me, I get real exhausted of that crap".

Translation: As Hatch demonstrates, Republicans are particularly prickly about the argument that they are cutting taxes for their rich buddies and no one else.

Republican representatives on Thursday approved the $1.5 trillion tax cut in the U.S. House. "And frankly you ought to quit it". That's because it does. "But this bullcrap that you guys throw out here really gets old after a while".

Republicans' theory isn't guaranteed by economists, nor proved by recent tax cuts. The economic theory is hard to explain.

No wonder Hatch got so upset when a Democrat started messaging their tax bill as a break for the rich. If we worked together, we could pull this country out of every mess it is in.