Aadhaar information leaked through over 210 Central government websites, confirms UIDAI

Aadhaar information leaked through over 210 Central government websites, confirms UIDAI

Such a framework would require an individual to share dummy or pseudo numbers - and not the real Aadhaar number - to government agencies, private utilities, banks and while withdrawing money from ATMs or moving funds from one bank account to another under the Aadhaar-enabled payment system. These numbers then can be used for every other objective for which an Aadhaar is essential. Two senior persons in the industry told ET that the concept has been discussed at senior levels in UIDAI but is yet to be finalised. The Aadhaar-issuing authority did not specify the period or when the breach occurred.

This remains doubtful as the sole objective of giving Aadhaar numbers to people is unique identification and with dummy numbers the goal will be lost.

"Aadhaar-based authentication is robust and secure as compared to any other contemporary systems". However, with the dummy numbers there will new numbers generated for every objective and this will make it hard to trace a person or his activity.

In a reply to a Right to Information (RTI) query, UIDAI said the information was never leaked from their side but taking cognizance over the displayed information on websites, it got it removed.

Responding to media reports about on-boarding of the ecosystem partners, UIDAI said that the regulations under the Aadhaar Act strictly regulate the on-boarding, functioning including the data sharing restrictions imposed on the companies which want to use Aadhaar information.

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In a statement, the UIDAI states that the details like name, address and even Aadhaar number were appeared in about 210 websites of Central as well as state sections including educational institutions.

The central government is in the process of making Aadhaar mandatory for people to avail benefits of various social service schemes.

The authority also added that security audits are conducted on regular basis to further strengthen security and privacy of the data.

UIDAI said the data has since been taken down.