Brooklyn road rage dispute ends with man dragged for blocks, cops say

Brooklyn road rage dispute ends with man dragged for blocks, cops say

The victim hopped in his vehicle and gave chase, catching up with the suspect's electrical workers van at the intersection of 65th Street and Third Avenue, shortly after 9 PM.

According to police, the 55-year-old van driver returned to his auto and struck the 65-year-old man as he drove away from the scene.

An apparent case of road rage sparked by a fender bender resulted in the death of a driver who was dragged for blocks by another auto in Brooklyn, police said late Thursday.

That's when the driver stepped on the gas and hit Mardaknayevy, who then became stuck under the van.

The dispute resumed in the intersection of Third Avenue and 65th Street, where the man's wife stopped her vehicle and Mardaknayevy got out to confront the van driver.

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Mardaknayevy's wife was in the driver's seat of their sedan at the time. "She just seen her husband right in front of her", Othman said. Firefighters and others lifted the van and pulled Mardaknayevy out from under the vehicle.

The 65-year-old, identified as Brooklyn resident Gavriel Mardaknayevy, was taken to Lutheran Medical Center for treatment, but was pronounced dead on arrival, police said.

"Imagine how cruel the person (has) to be to drag a person", said the sister of victim Gavriel Mardakhay, who declined to give her name. "I held her up on the side, got her water".

"It's a very sad day", Mardakhay's sister said Friday while going through his belongings. Police took the driver of the van into custody for questioning.