First Ever Marijuana Overdose Death Kills 11-Month-Old Baby, Doctors Say

First Ever Marijuana Overdose Death Kills 11-Month-Old Baby, Doctors Say

The first marijuana overdose ever has been recorded in a medical journal by doctors who claim that was the cause of an 11-month-old Colorado boy's death.

According to Nappe and Hoyte, the 11-month-old was taken to the emergency department after experiencing a seizure.

Nappe and Hoyte published a report in the Clinical Practice and Cases in Emergency Medicine in March 2016, but they are only now speaking out about the case. He was, however, exposed to cannabis in the days leading to his death, which the doctors have noted could have had a hand in aggravating his condition. He was intubated to help his breathing after his nervous system started to shut down. The boy had presented with all the symptoms of a condition called myocarditis, where the heart muscles become inflamed.

"The only thing that we found was marijuana", Hoyte told KUSA.

Of all the previously reported cases of cannabis- induced myocarditis, patients were previously healthy and no evidence was found for other etiologies. They also note myocarditis often happens with no testable cause.

Based on the onset of the child's symptoms, it was concluded that he consumed a single, large dose of marijuana and did not get sick from gradual exposure, much like what he would've gotten from people smoking pot around him.

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"In states where cannabis is legalized, it is important that physicians not only counsel parents on preventing exposure to cannabis, but to also consider cannabis toxicity in unexplained pediatric myocarditis and cardiac deaths as a basis for urine drug screening in this setting", says the report. "And we found no other reason why this young kid ended up having inflammation on his heart". It was later found that he had high levels of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, in his system. And just one thing led to another and the kid ended up with a heart stopped.

The doctors said the boy's heart stopped and, despite efforts to resuscitate, the child died.

Nappe co-authored the report and says doctors observed the "unusual sequence of events" and alerted the medical community in order to study the relationship between marijuana and the child's death.

Doctors noted that myocarditis is rare in children saying that they are trying to find the cause of heart problems in the baby and they cannot find anything.

A further review of the boy's history showed that he was in an unstable motel-like living situation, with his parents admitting that they had drugs with them, including cannabis. "Because that is saying confidently that this is the first case". He also agreed that parents should keep marijuana out of reach of their children. "'We've got one!' And I still disagree with that".