Google Maps Redesign Tweaks Color Scheme and Updates Map Modes

Google Maps Redesign Tweaks Color Scheme and Updates Map Modes

It's not the "chrome" around the actual maps that has a new look this time around, but the maps themselves.

Google also said that maps would get an updated color scheme with new icons added to more easily identify places like a church, cafe, museum or hospital not just by their symbol, but also with a corresponding color to make it even easier to identify.

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Food and drink is now colored orange; shopping remains blue; pink is health; seafoam green is entertainment and leisure; green is for outdoor; and lighter blue is for transport. And as it changes, Google Maps changes with it.

Google Maps' new color scheme is laid out below and will be used across a wide variety of new icons for places as varied as auto rental locations, hiking areas, and monuments. If you're driving from one place to another, Google Maps will make it easier to see where gas stations are. The new design will be rolling out "over the next few weeks" and will appear in Google Maps' website and apps, as well as third-party services that use Google Maps. So you'll see these changes while using other Google services, like Search, Google Earth, and the standard Google Search. Eventually, the changes will also migrate to sites that embed Google Maps APIs. Icons in those categories will adopt the respective color, with Google also revamping personal and the road work condition icons.