House fire prompts new warning about hoverboards

House fire prompts new warning about hoverboards

Seven hoverboard brands were recalled, and one brand was issued its first warning following reports of explosions and fire hazards.

After the United States government declared all self-balancing scooters unsafe, eight more hoverboard brands are being recalled. ABC News reports that this total brings the number of recalled hoverboards to 520,100 in the a year ago alone.

Consumers are urged to stop using these products and contact the seller to request a refund, a free fix, or a free replacement.

The LayZ Board is a two-wheeled, battery-powered, self-balancing scooter that has a pivoting platform intended for the rider's feet.

In May 2017, CPSC issued its first warning about LayZ Board hoverboards, following a fatal house fire on March 10, 2017, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which took the lives of two young girls.

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"CPSC estimates there have been 13 burn injuries, three smoke inhalation injuries and more than $4 million in property damage related to hoverboards".

Anyone who owns one of these hoverboards is urged to stop charging it and stop using it.

Along with the LayZ Board, the CPSC is also recalling products by the following brands: Dollar Mania Sonic Smart Wheels, Tech Drift, Digital Products iLive, iHoverspeed, Four Star Imports Go Wheels, Drone Nerds, and Salvage World.

The agency is advising owners to stop using the hoverboards immediately and return them to the appropriate company for a replacement. As a result, the batteries have a tendency to overheat and catch fire or explode.