Kim Kardashian Reads Jimmy Kimmel a Mean Tweet From Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Reads Jimmy Kimmel a Mean Tweet From Kanye West

Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" segment is as legendary as his Halloween candy bit. With Huey Lewis sitting in with the band, the quinquagenarian announced special guest Ben Affleck and explained that his staff had been planning this special birthday show, with 37 surprise celebrity guests.

Ray Romano also showed up, letting Kimmel know he'd had a previous commitment Monday night,"but when they told me this is your retirement show - You're 50, they did not want to startle you".

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"Jimmy Kimmel, put yourself in my shoes", Kardashian began, before finishing the explicit remark with a comedic straight face and a supportive, "Good point, Kanye". Clearly, all three of these "white guys with beards" had a great old laugh in this segment of the show. Feigning inspiration while looking at Kimmel's character art - including Muscle Man, Lucky Lad, Super Duck and the Color Kid - Abrams said: "It demanded to be brought to life". This team of heroes went up against the villainous Mr. Bolt in Kimmel's comic. The resulting parody trailer is a very amusing piece of work, from its Marvel-aping company credit at the start to its highly accurate closing shot - a flawless recreation of Kimmel's childhood drawing. Matt Damon and Wanda Sykes play the villains in the trailer. He reads a tweet that says, "Jimmy Kimmell is that same fat kid from Win Ben Stein's Money who grew up to become that fat kid from Win Ben Stein's Money".

Of course, it's always nice to see Jon Stewart again, as he's one of the stars to appear in the clip. Who wouldn't want that?