Lane Kiffin trolls Tennessee, Kim Jong Un in one epic tweet

Lane Kiffin trolls Tennessee, Kim Jong Un in one epic tweet

Kiffin was clearly making fun of the fact Tennessee has struggled to find a replacement for ex-Vols coach Butch Jones in light of their train wreck of a head coaching search.

Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin is never one to back down on social media.

Ainge, who last played QB at Tennessee two years before Kiffin's arrival and is now a radio host in the state, comes off looking like a trolling fool - and his Twitter ratio of replies to retweets and favorites is certainly not in his favor.

Apparently Ainge messaged Kiffin "you suck" and that he didn't want him to "ever come back" to UT. In typical Kiffin fashion, he responded with humor.

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Here's what he said on "The Dan Patrick Show" on Wednesday:And another amusing but unrelated thing that we just wanted to shareHere have been some of his top tweets throughout this whole coaching mess thing:Wait, Vols fans really want Kiffin to come back?

Anyone on Twitter should know that Lane's game on the app is undefeated, and Ainge makes himself look completely childish with his jabs at Kiffin, who didn't initiate anything from what we can tell. Kiffin's only year at UT was 2009.

The Vols and athletic director John Currie remain in the search for a new coach after a rough week to say the least.