Philo Launches a Sports-Free Lower Priced Skinny Bundle

Philo Launches a Sports-Free Lower Priced Skinny Bundle

Philo, a new streaming bundle that launches today, provides hard evidence of how far your TV budget can go without sports. But as society becomes more accustomed to OTT's world of customization, and with the launch of TV services from YouTube, Hulu, and fubo, the once skinny bundle is looking a little bulkier, especially for those who watch sports using an antenna or don't hold interest in the genre at all.

The company's $16/mo package comes with 37 channels that include: AMC, A&E, The History Channel, Comedy Central, The Food Network, Viceland, and Cheddar, a finance focused network targeted at millennials.

Philo is launching a new entertainment-only streaming service featuring networks from A+E, AMC, Discovery, Scripps and Viacom, which are also strategic investors in Philo. "It allowed us to reach the right demographic".

For Philo, a new entrant into that space, the pitch is simple: We cost half as much as the other guys, and we offer nearly as many channels as they do.

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Unlike the existing services, though, Philo doesn't offer numerous networks that are often considered must-have.

The new service, Philo, will be priced at US$16 a month, and will offer live TV streaming, DVR services and on-demandprogramming. Recordings have a shelf life of 30 days from the original air date, but there are no limits on storage space or simultaneous recordings.

At launch, Philo supports web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari), Roku devices, an iOS app, and Android via Chrome (app coming soon), with more platforms to come.

During an interview, Philo also demonstrated some interesting (and optional) social networking features that will arrive in early 2018. But the high cost of carrying those channels and the complications that arise with sports programming-such as blackouts and location restrictions-mean it's unlikely to happen any time soon. Consumers will be able to watch on three devices at once. "But for now we're really happy with the package that we've created".