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Randi Zuckerberg Skewers Alaska Air Over Passenger's Sexually Charged Ranting

Randi Zuckerberg Skewers Alaska Air Over Passenger's Sexually Charged Ranting

The email Zuckerberg sent outlined sexual remarks allegedly made by the man who had been seated in first class next to her.

The letter, which she shared on Twitter, explained how a passenger sitting next to her made repeated sexual remarks and rued that the flight attendant refused to act on it since the man was a frequent flyer.

She says flight attendants later bantered with the other passenger about his behavior, and when pressed only offered to allow her to switch seats.

Zuckerberg, who is the sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, claimed that as soon as she boarded the plane the man began making an array of inappropriate comments including talking "about touching himself" during the three-hour flight.

"These Millennial women just aren't willing to give some booty to get a job anymore", the man said, according to Zuckerberg's account. "For knowing about his behavior and being more concerned with taking his money than for the safety and security of other passengers around him". She also said they continued to serve him alcoholic beverages. "Their response was that this guy was a frequent Alaska Airlines on this exact route, and that they have had to talk to him about his behavior in the past", she said. "Shouldn't he have been thrown off the plane?!"

Zuckerberg wrote a letter directed to the president and CEO of Alaska Airlines and Alaska Air Group, Bradley Tilden, along with Jeff Butler, vice president of airport operation and customer service, and vice president of in-flight services Andy Schneider.

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An Alaska passenger KPIX 5 spoke with at Oakland International Airport Thursday said she expected more from the airline.

Zuckerberg says Alaska Airlines executives have since called her to say that they are conducting an investigation and have temporarily suspended this passenger's travel privileges.

Zuckerberg was also irate at Alaska Airlines' staff for "knowingly and willingly providing this man with a platform to harass women". "While it never should have happened in the first place, I am thankful that they are taking the situation seriously".

The airline later responded to Ms Zuckerberg (pictured) on Twitter, saying: "What you have shared with us is very disturbing". "As a company, we have zero tolerance for any type of sexual misconduct that creates an unsafe environment for our guests and crew members".

"The safety and well-being of our guests on Alaska Airlines is our number one priority", Alaska Airlines added in a statement to Observer.