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States must spread awareness on Blue Whale: SC

States must spread awareness on Blue Whale: SC

The court ordered chief secretaries of the States to make all schools across the country aware about the danger of Blue Whale and similar games. It also directed the state governments to keep in mind the CBSE guidelines on "Safe and Effective Use of Internet and Digital Technologies in Schools and School Buses" while running awareness campaign.

They also advise the school authorities take steps to pre-empt any inappropriate or illegal activity through IT- enabled devices in schools.

It is not possible to block online games like the 'Blue Whale Challenge' as they are not app-based, the Centre told the Supreme Court on Monday.

Venugopal said a high level meeting was convened in which senior scientists and police officials took part and took some decisions.

The bench today disposed of the petition filed by lawyer Sneha Kalita seeking framing of guidelines to regulate and monitor virtual digital games like Blue Whale and other life- threatening online games. It has also been made a decision to set up a high-level committee to investigate all cases of alleged suicides or attempted suicides. The affidavit also said it was futile to make technical attempts to block Blue Whale game as it operates without a formal application or website or URL.

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Observing the "Blue Whale" suicide challenge as a national problem, the Supreme Court had on last month asked the government to get back to it within three weeks with a plan to ban the game that is believed to have driven many teens to suicide this year. The government said Blue Whale was not an app or website or even a url, which made it hard to trace and erase.

Mr. Venugopal said the government was doing everything in its power to erase Blue Whale and had already contacted search engines like Google, which had also conveyed that it was "very hard and done very secretly".

The court junked the petition after the Centre submitted before the apex court that it was not possible to regulate or ban the unsafe game that had claimed many lives across the globe.

The court had asked Doordarshan to telecast educational show on perils of the Blue Whale game.