The LAPD Are Officially Looking Into Corey Feldman's Sexual Abuse Allegations

The LAPD Are Officially Looking Into Corey Feldman's Sexual Abuse Allegations

The former child star, who has long claimed he was sexually abused in his early days of fame, had met with LAPD officials on Monday to discuss his allegations. However, Feldman retweeted a message a woman sent to the LAPD, which said that the agency "failed the public by not taking Mr. Feldman's report seriously in the past".

Los Angeles police have opened an investigation into the claims from Corey Feldman that a pedophile ring has been victimizing young actors for years in Hollywood, LAPD detective Ross Nemeroff confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. Far from convinced, the talk show host then urged Feldman to report them to the Los Angeles Police Department right there.

He declared on Twitter, "THE LAPD WILL BEGIN AN OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION NOW!" Many where skeptic of these claims due to Feldman's erratic behavior over the years, however in light of the current allegations against several directors, producers, and actors; it looks like Feldman isn't insane after all.

The 1980s teen idol has vowed to expose at least six names of men involved in a "paedophile ring" which he claims operates in Hollywood and were responsible for abusing him and his late co-star Corey Haim nearly 30 years ago. In a subsequent appearance on Megyn Kelly Today, Feldman also named child talent manager - and convicted sex offender - Marty Weiss.

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The Dream a Little Dream actor has persisted that there was an "underground pedophilia ring" in Hollywood and the abuse he and friend Corey Haim endured led to their lives' spiraling out of control.

Neither has commented publicly on the allegations.

On Wednesday, actor Charlie Sheen denied allegations that he had sexually assaulted Haim on the set of the 1986 film Lucas, when Haim was 13 and Sheen was 19.

The money, Feldman said, will be enough to cover the production and distribution of the film, but also to hire a legal team to protect him against possible lawsuits. "Unfortunately, some of them are not here to recount their horrors, and all we can hope is that all abusers are held accountable".