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Trump's approval rating is near his personal low

Trump's approval rating is near his personal low

The president's rating compares to a 56 to 38 percent disapproval in an October 11 poll.

Only 40 percent of registered American voters surveyed thought that Trump is fit to be president, while 57 percent did not think he is, the national poll by Quinnipiac University found.

Republicans were divided, with 38 percent saying he should stay in the race and 42 percent saying he should drop out.

An array of surveys of voter approval ratings for U.S. President Donald Trump continue to be mired in the 30 percent range, but he contended Tuesday that an outlier poll with a higher mark proves the others are wrong.

"The president may have accomplished something in Asia: 36 percent of American voters say North Korea poses an immediate threat to the US, down from 48 percent one month ago".

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"One of the most accurate polls last time around", Trump tweeted from the Philippines, where he is wrapping up a 12-day trip to Asia. We'll tell you at 10:30 what voters think, and whether they believe the relationship with China will improve over the next year.

Similarly, the final Rasmussen poll conducted before the election showed Clinton with a 2-point lead over Trump - or almost the same margin by which she won the popular vote.

On the plus side, Quinnipiac said by a 58-39 margin, voters think Trump is a strong person and by 55-41 that he is intelligent. "Ominously, there is creeping slippage in (Trump's political) base".

And a majority of respondents felt the president is not level-headed (65 percent), does not share their values (62 percent), does not have good leadership skills (59 percent), does not care about average Americans (59 percent) and is not honest (58 percent).

The survey of 1,577 registered voters was conducted November 7-13 via landlines and cellphones. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.