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Undercover video shows nurses laughing as WWII vet dies

Undercover video shows nurses laughing as WWII vet dies

A shocking video from a hidden camera showed two nurses laughing as an 89-year-old World War II veteran died in front of them after repeatedly calling for help.

Roughly eight minutes later, a nurse comes in, raises his bed, turns off his call light and then leaves the room.

The video was just recently released.

The video, however, shows that chest compressions are performed on Dempsey only sporadically and lackadaisically.

Those two nurses finally lost their licenses after an NBC-affiliate television station convinced courts to unseal the video secretly recorded by the family of the man, who is seen dying in the video, media reports said Friday.

The nurses included a nursing supervisor who told attorneys that, when she learned Dempsey had stopped breathing, she rushed to his room and took over CPR, keeping it up until paramedics arrived.

"There was an honest mistake because I was just basing it on what I normally do", she said of why her story and actions didn't match up.

Mike Prieto, an attorney for Dempsey's family, asks the following question to Nuckles during the deposition, "Ma'am was there something amusing at the time?"

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The footage also depicts the nurses failing to take lifesaving measures and laughing as they try to start an oxygen machine.

Records showed the nursing home continued to have problems, including $813,000 in Medicare fines since 2015, WXIA-TV reported.

She responded: "I can't even remember all that, as you can see".

A spokesperson for the care home said staff were "saddened by the events, which occurred more than three years ago".

'The facility recently was deficiency-free during our recent annual inspection conducted by the Georgia Department of Health on May 25 2017'.

HuffPost's attempts to reach Sava Senior Care, the Georgia Board of Nursing and Nuckles on Sunday for comment were not immediately successful.

Dempsey's family are now suing the care home.

According to an online obituary for Dempsey, he was a veteran of the U.S. Navy and retired from the Georgia Army National Guard.