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Zanu-PF lawmakers to discuss impeachment as Mugabe fails to resign

Zanu-PF lawmakers to discuss impeachment as Mugabe fails to resign

The group's leader Christopher Mutsvangwa has called on Mugabe to leave state house.

However, constitutional experts said ZANU-PF had the numbers and could push it through in as little as 24 hours.

Mugabe has called a Cabinet meeting Tuesday morning, while the ruling party will begin the process of impeaching him when Parliament resumes the same day.

"He has been our leader for a long time and we have all learned a great deal from him", Mpofu said.

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The firing of Mnangagwa was seen as a move to empower Mugabe's wife, Grace, as political candidate and future president, an action widely rejected.

The Central Committee also expelled several high-level members close to the first lady, including minister of higher education Jonathan Moyo, finance minister Ignatious Chombo, Mugabe's nephew Patrick Zhuwao, local government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, foreign affairs minister Walter Mzembi and several others.

Soldiers stationed at State House gently pushed protesters away in scenes resembling a party.

He called the meetings his envoys held with Mugabe and officials from the Zimbabwean armed forces "fruitful" while reiterating his support for the people of Zimbabwe during "this hard period". It is believed that the Military are pressuring him to relinquish poser. His speech on national television was expected to announce he would step down. If the next leader becomes trouble, they vowed to return to the streets again.