Google Home Can Perform Two Task At Once

Google Home Can Perform Two Task At Once

How many times have you shouted at your Google Home unit, "OK Google, play my Rick James playlist!" and then had to do a second "OK Google" command to crank it to 11? You, a fresh White Russian, sunglasses at night, your best track suit, no one else around, and Super Freak on repeat.

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) just issued an update to its Google Home voice-enabled speaker software that allows users to string two commands together. It's a nice improvement that could, in certain scenarios, help streamline your morning, like by letting you say, "OK Google, turn on the TV and tell me the weather". Not all double-combos work, though.

The Google Home is branded as an assistant, and it's true that it can answer questions, remind you of upcoming events and make dinner reservations, like a real assistant might. More importantly, these improvements will be available for both Android and iOS users in the USA, so no matter what smartphone you're using, you will now benefit from improved localized support when using Google Assistant.

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Saying something like, "Hey Google, I need a plumber", will soon help you clarify your problem, pull up results for local services that can help you out of your jam and dial them up for you.

It's not clear if this is up and running on Google Home products in all locations yet - it's not now available on smartphones using Google Assistant - but if not, the functionality is likely to be on the way soon.