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MI AG candidate: Don't vote for people with penises

MI AG candidate: Don't vote for people with penises

Nessel, a former assistant prosecutor, says she's advocated for countless sex abuse victims and remained a fierce advocate for people who've been harassed and abused. "I'd say so." The ad comes amid trepidation within her party and in the media regarding the viability of a potential all-female ticket in MI in 2018.

Headlines about sex scandals involving male politicians flash across the screen as Nessel promises to never engage in such behavior.

"I'd say so", Nessel answers herself in the video. Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K., President George H.W. Bush, President Trump - and countless men before them and who knows how many more to come - into one woman's platform for 2018.

"Is it the candidate who doesn't have a penis?" I'll be too busy doing what I've always done.

Dana Nessel released a campaign ad this week focused on sexual harassment in the workplace, telling voters they should vote for her because she won't harass anyone - because she doesn't have a penis.

With Sen. Debbie Stabenow up for reelection, Democrats likely will have an all-female slate for Michigan's statewide offices of USA senator, governor, attorney general and secretary of state in 2018.

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"Yes, I'm a woman".

But it's that opening question and the way she asked it that sent Monday's ad all over the country, after her announcement video three months prior garnered less than 300 views. "That's not a liability; that's an asset", she says.

"I think the ad was rather tame when it comes to the news stories that have come out, whether they are journalists, whether they're in Hollywood, or whether they're political representatives".

In August, she stood with her mother, father, wife and two sons at a lectern to announce her candidacy for attorney general, which will pit her against former USA attorney Pat Miles for the Democratic nomination. "We've heard some pretty lewd stories coming out", Nessel told WJBK.

Nessel went on to explain why America needs more women in positions of political power.