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China tops trusted nation's list, India at third place, says survey

China tops trusted nation's list, India at third place, says survey

The largest fall was the lack of faith in the USA government, which fell 14 points to 33 percent among the general population, and 30 points to 33 percent among the informed public (college educated, household income in the top quartile for their age in their country, read or watch business/news media at least several times a week, follow public policy issues in the news at least several times a week). Edelman said for the first time, the "massive drop in trust" wasn't linked to an economic crisis or catastrophe like the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

China, which came in first with 74% of the general population trusting the country's institutions, had its highest level of trust in the government with relatively low trust in business, presenting the inverse of the US's standing. Trust in business fell to 43 percent, whilst the other three institutions saw no change at all.

"China's trust scores are almost matched by India, the UAE, Indonesia and Singapore, while the Western democracies languish mostly in distruster territory, challenging the traditional geopolitical vision of satisfaction with systems", the report said.

Faith in government fell 14 points to 33 percent among the general population. This is based on views of respondents about global companies headquartered in specific countries and how much these firms are trusted by them 'to do what is right'.

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President Trump has often railed on the media, accusing networks and reporters of publishing "fake news". There has also been a rebound in faith in experts and leaders. "Every institution must play its part by educating its constituents and joining the public debate, going direct to the end-users of information", wrote Edelman. Media can not do it alone because of political and financial constraints. Financial services (54 percent) was once again the least trusted sector along with consumer packaged goods (60 percent) and automotive (62 percent). Sixty-four percent said they believe a company can take actions that both increase profits and improve economic and social conditions in the community in which it operates.

As per the survey, India was among the six countries with extreme trust losses over the past year which was topped by the US.

Half of us skim headlines on social media, but don't click on the content. And the majority of respondents believe that news organizations are overly focused on attracting large audiences (66 percent), breaking news (65 percent) and politics (59 percent). He said, "people are living in their own sort of thought bubble" and have their own set of media whether they are Republican or Democrats. In 2015, Edelman was among Glassdoor's "Best Places to Work" for the fourth time.