Eagles defeat Falcons in National Football League playoffs — Twitter reaction

Eagles defeat Falcons in National Football League playoffs — Twitter reaction

On Saturday afternoon, the #Philadelphia Eagles pulled off an upset win after defeating the Atlanta Falcons during the National Football League playoffs.

Trailing 15-10, the Falcons drove down to the Eagle's 2-yard line.

The Eagles defense had their backs against the wall. Ryan was the 2016 NFL MVP because he made plays like that, but he was not almost as productive in 2017 and was hamstrung by play calling and the Eagles defence on Saturday. He completed just one pass thrown beyond 15 yards as Pederson used a variety of short throws to build his quarterback's confidence.

After losing Wentz in Week 14 against the Los Angeles Rams, all hope seemed lost for Philadelphia when Foles was forced to come in as his replacement since the former first-round pick was considered a heavy MVP favorite at the time.

"I was nearly sick", one Eagles fan said of the tension-filled final Atlanta drive. "But at the end of the day, I can make those plays". I ended up on the ground when I came out of my route.

The Philadelphia Eagles made history heading into Saturday's divisional round game against the Atlanta Falcons.

"We were looking for each other", Long said. "In that situation, it's very hard for an official to call that play".

That is, it slipped through Julio Jones' hands.

But he couldn't get free downfield, except for a 20-yard reception on fourth down on the final drive. So perhaps there is a bit of destiny on the line if the Vikings can pull out a victory this afternoon.

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The Eagles ran the ball to Ajayi on the previous play and Foles sees the slot corner is playing soft coverage on Agholor.

Jones didn't have a problem with the play-calling with the game on the line.

With the back of the end zone serving as the ultimate extra defender, the secondary is condensed, and it allows the defense to play wider than it would otherwise be able to. The quick throws and simple reads got the backup quarterback into a rhythm that he rode for the entire second half.

McLeod said film study paid off. I know gonna do it in the last two minutes.

Ajayi returned at the start of the second half. "And it's the underdog mask and I wasn't going to field any questions but I decided I would field them in the dog mask". Two yards stood between their dream season continuing to the NFC title game or screeching to a halt.

"It's been a long season", Jones said. I thought our team did. I need to watch the film. but the effort was definitely there. "Anything more we can use to motivate us, well use". "I just think coming into next I need to play better". "We stuck with it and guys executed the game plan extremely well". We just have to keep working together. This year. This and that.

"We are pumped", added Matt Muskgill of New Jersey. You can't do it in one year. "We are one step away from being where we want to be and that's the Super Bowl". "Yeah, absolutely. We're giving our shots to Matt and Julio to go for it to win the game". What we need to look for and things like that, taking advantage of opportunities. It was never on just Sark.

SEAHAWKS: Brian Schottenheimer will be named offensive coordinator, according to reports. "He needs to do that'".

"He's very aggressive", Jones said. Quinn defended the call, saying the miss was the result of lack of execution rather than poor play design. He's a great coach.