Facebook's 'Watch Party' Lets Users Watch Videos Together

Facebook's 'Watch Party' Lets Users Watch Videos Together

But have you ever wished that you could just hold on to that video, gather a group of friends online and watch it all at once? Admins or moderators can choose any public video on Facebook, live or recorded, and invite everyone in the group to watch it all at once.

Facebook's turning its push for well-being through active, not passive, content consumption into a feature with its new test of "Watch Party".

"With everyone watching, commenting and reacting to the same moments together, it creates a shared viewing experience for video that helps build the kind of community and engagement we've seen with Live [video]", Facebook's Fidji Simo, the product executive in charge of the company's video efforts, wrote in a post shared with Recode. If you're watching the video on a mobile device, group members' comments appear overlaid on the video. Watch Party could refocus this experience towards peer-to-peer interaction rather than everyone screaming through the comments trying to get the creator's attention.

Simo claims the decision to begin testing Watch Party on groups was a natural one.

Members of the group can join whatever video they want, as they'll be able to see what videos are part of the Watch Party from a widget on the group's page. There's also a "play next" queue, where live viewers can see which video is about to pay next. On desktop, the comments to the video will appear in the right side of the video where the comments usually fall for pictures.

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Either way, it's only a matter of time till Watch Party makes it to Facebook Pages, Messenger chats, and regular accounts - so keep your eyes open for those if you are still using Facebook regularly.

While this feature is great, it is not new by any means.

This comes after the social media giant announced that it will be making big changes to its News Feed feature.

The website is further testing another feature that will separate users' posts from content from professional news organizations.