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Four Kashmiris arrested for respecting Pakistani anthem

Four Kashmiris arrested for respecting Pakistani anthem

Police on Sunday filed an FIR against two local cricket teams in Bandipora after a video went viral on social networking sites showing the players of the teams wearing Pakistani jerseys and playing the Pakistan national anthem before their match.

The 1.45-minute video showed one team in green jerseys like the Pakistani cricket team.

Videos of the incident which took place on January 3 went viral on social media after which the arrests were made, reported Hindustan Times. Before the match commenced, the national anthem of Pakistan was played on a loudspeaker with players of both teams standing in attention. The video was uploaded to a page called "Kashmir -Right to self determination" from Pakistan.

"We have registered a case and are now investigating the incident", SSP Bandipora, Sheikh Zulfikar Azad said. "The anthem was played live on Facebook and it went viral then".

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They have identified the place where the match was conducted as a sports field in Arin Bandipora district. The reports said that the police are also looking for the organisers of the match.

Police confirmed that they have booked the two teams but did not give details about the number of people who were arrested or the identity of the teams.

According to HT, the video shows two cricket teams, one wearing white and one wearing green, standing in two lines on the pitch as Pakistan's national anthem played in the background. In May a year ago, a video showed members of two teams, "Shining Stars Pampore" and "Pulwama Tigers", lined up before the game with the national anthem of Pakistan-administered Kashmir playing on tape.