Google Duo now allows you to call people without the app installed

Google Duo now allows you to call people without the app installed

Ever since Google decided that we don't really need Hangouts on our phones and instead gave us Google Duo, there have been lots of mixed reactions regarding the same.

Google's Duo app can now make audio calls to recipients who don't even have the app installed on their phones.

Google is adding new capabilities to its video calling mobile app called Google Duo with a clever new Android feature. However, if the someone wants to make a call without Duo installed, then they have to first install the app.

In addition to multi-platform support, Google Duo is also expected to receive other nifty additions such as group calling and superior call quality, all of which should help spur the app's growth into a serious Google Hangouts replacement. This new feature might be packed in the latest Google Play Services.

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According to the post shared on shared by a user named "turdbogis" he noticed that another friend's Nexus 6P unit showed that it was ready to accept Duo video calls without the app being installed on the smartphone. This will let the Android users answer the call through Duo. Additionally, these users will also get a notification, which will allow them to block a caller from contacting them, or if you choose to continue receiving calls. "Duo call came though just like he had the app". However, this feature is now limited to Android phones and first spotted by Android Police.

"Duo will be a default calling service on all Android phones with Google services", said username wgn_luv on Reddit.

Those who tested the feature noticed that it works with audio-only calls as well. " The feature appears to be limited to Android phones".