"LG ThinQ WK9 combines Google Assistant, awesome speakers and an 8" screen

The Google Assistant recently pushed to LG's Smart Speakers. This is a great feature, especially for those with fears of unauthorized spying or those who just absolutely want to make sure that the camera can not see anything. A smart display has a tablet-sized screen that lets you see lists, pictures, and even video solutions to your queries.

Google is also looking into a strategy for buying products and services with Assistant, similar to how Alexa is capable of purchasing items. The new Lenovo Smart Display sports 8 Inch and 10 Inch sizes. Its pleasantly geometric design has a triangular base that sits sturdily in both portrait and landscape orientations. For electronic makers, it's just the way the game is played. Video calling, Google Photos, and Google Maps are all supported.

The Smart Displays will offer exactly the same interface like a smartphone, however you would see some added features on the Smart Displays.

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So folks, that's what all about the new Smart Display from Lenovo powered by Google Assistant. It's an undemanding way to get ready for the day. Whatever you can think of chances are that type of product was thought up and showcase at the event. You just use it. This will also enable users to control their HD receivers with voice controls after the device is paired with an Assistant-enabled device such as Google Home speakers and Android handsets. You can look up recipes for dinner, collated from around the web. The notch on the top is most likely a shutter for the camera or a mute button for the microphone, we don't know yet, but we'll keep you updated.

Google, Lenovo, JBL have come up with a new set of devices named as "smart displays".

Alexa can help customers with thousands of things and connects to more than a thousand third-party smart home products for added convenience and ease of use. A full 4% of that number reported that it was their first smart speaker. The company will also roll out Assistant to more Android TVs including AirTV Player, Bouygues Telecom, LG U+, TCL, Skyworth and Xiaomi.