Many Nintendo Switch eShop games on sale

Many Nintendo Switch eShop games on sale

During the Nintendo Direct Mini yesterday, a Switch version of The World Ends with You, often acronymed TWEWY, was announced. While the touchscreen controls will remain in place, players can also use the Joy-Con for a different way to experience the action RPG. Wave 1, releasing on January 31 will introduce the new battle character Aegislash with the support set Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu. It will be available for purchase individually, or as part of the Season Pass or Gold Edition of the game.

Nintendo on Thursday revealed its upcoming Switch games for 2018 via a Nintendo Direct Mini video. The Direct also showed off new copy abilities for Kirby including Artist and Spider, and a 4-player co-op ability called the Friend Train, which allows all players to team up.

The reboot of the OG Xbox Duke controller will be released in March. After selling more than 10 Million units in 2017 this year Nintendo have set their sights even higher and have estimated Switch to cumulatively sell at least 30 million units by the end of 2018.

The 2008 DS game will be ported to the Nintendo Switch this year with HD visuals and a new epilogue. The biggest is Nintendo's online service coming to the Switch. He went on to say in a subsequent tweet that according to NPD data, Xbox One outsold PlayStation 4 in December while "Nintendo also had a great month as Switch had most overall units". NIS is also bringing a treasured JRPG series over, with Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, which launches sometime this summer.

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There was a raft of game-related announcements at this year's CES. Mario + Rabbids fans will be getting new DLC where they will have the option to play as Donkey Kong, and Mario Odyssey players can look forward a free update with some new challenges thanks to "Luigi's Balloon World". The update is coming in February.

For fans of fighting games, there is a little something here for you, too. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo is able to tap back into the magic featured in the earlier games, because if they do then this long-running series will finally be back on the right track. June brought us ARMS, July featured Splatoon 2, August had Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and Super Mario Odyssey landed in October. The DLC pack will release in Spring. The previously announced Payday 2 got featured, announcing a Switch exclusive character. Another platformer, Matt Makes Games' Celeste, will let you climb risky mountains on February 27.

Regarding third-parties, Electronic Arts' Nordic-themed Fe will come on February 16. Playing in Assist Mode lets players tweak the difficulty, from a slower pace to full-on invincibility.