Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles: Who will win the NFC Championship?

Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles: Who will win the NFC Championship?

These matchups favor QB Case Keenum (7), who has gone from undistinguished fill-in to standout clutch passer.

Together, the four quarterbacks left standing have a combined five Super Bowl rings, two NFL MVP awards and four Super Bowl MVP trophies.

Just how did this happen?

Both were second-round draft picks, Eric out of UCLA with the 45th overall selection in 2015 and Mychal from Cal with the 46th overall pick in 2012. Try to keep up. Foles struggles, loses job to Keenum.

Keenum, Foles and Bortles' total: 1, by Foles with the Eagles in a loss during the 2013 season.

The difference is at quarterback where, against all odds, Keenum has brought the Vikings to the edge of glory. Foles, back in Philly as a backup, replaces injured Wentz.

Almost two years ago, the trajectory of his career led him to the same crossroads all National Football League players eventually reach.

The poll referenced Santa's snowballs and an incident in 1999 when several of receiver Michael Irvin's Cowboys teammates thought Eagles fans were booing Irvin as he lay on the field with a neck injury that ultimately cut short his Hall of Fame career.

Setbacks became a recurring theme for Diggs, who chose to stay in his home state and play for Maryland so his family could watch him more often despite offers from powerhouse programs such as Auburn, Florida and USC. Both settled in as backups.

The very first home playoff game held in 1948 was a cold weather victory over the then Chicago Cardinals at the locally famous Shibe Park. Yes, it was the Miracle in Minneapolis. It would seem as though the Vikings are better equipped to do that, considering Foles' shoddy ability to push the ball down the field, and the presence of Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen on the outside for the Vikings. Diggs maintains his balance and goes untouched for a miraculous game-winning, 61-yard touchdown.

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The Eagles are continuing to mock the fact that they were underdogs against the Atlanta Falcons in the divisional round, despite being the top seed in the NFC.

Who is the only quarterback in National Football League history to have a rating over 100.0 in his first two playoff starts? This is quite a daunting résumé and for the Jaguars to pull off an upset, they will need to run the ball successfully and limit the possessions for Tom Brady and company. Brett Favre is second at 15. No way? Kurt Warner? Drew Brees led the Saints to a game-winning field goal in that game.

Former KARE 11 reporter Ellen Kolodziej, who now lives in Philadelphia, had some advice for Vikings fans.

"Congratulations to the Minnesota Vikings on their sensational win last Sunday!" said a statement from Gov. Dayton.

Philadelphia Eagles fans have a reputation of being quite the opposite of "Minnesota nice".

On a cold winter day in 1968, the Eagles were losing to the Vikings. The victor of this game will square off against either the New England Patriots or the Jacksonville Jaguars in Super Bowl 52. McNabb led the Eagles in that win, while Daunte Culpepper was the Vikings' starting quarterback.

Last Playoff Matchup: The last time these teams met in the postseason was Wild Card Weekend in January of 2009.

So while the Eagles, 16 months after the Bradford trade, appear to have won a deal where the percentages always favored them, the Vikings found another way to the NFC Championship Game after their best-laid plans didn't work out.

Now it's Keenum versus Foles. The Minnesota Vikings have a legit chance of playing in the Super Bowl this year. The first was Kurt Warner, who led the St. Louis Rams to the crown in 2000.

With the Terrapins, though, he caught passes from four different quarterbacks over three seasons, with more than one starter used each year.