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North Korea: Trump's button tweet 'spasm of a lunatic'

North Korea: Trump's button tweet 'spasm of a lunatic'

He has threatened to rain "fire and fury" on the North, warning Kim he was on a "suicide mission" by developing nuclear missiles.

In his one year since taking office, he has had a schizophrenic approach to North Korea, praising the North Korean dictator for half the year before threatening his destruction for the next six months.

The next day, the North Korean media calls Trump a "lunatic old man" and urges Americans to impeach him.

Openness to dialogue is, of course, a mildly positive signal.

The headline of the story that ran on January 11 was "Donald Trump Signals Openness To North Korea Diplomacy In Interview". Instead, Pyongyang appears to be pursuing a deliberate and increasingly successful strategy to drive a wedge between Washington and South Korea. What is more, Kim would likely respond and put it on the escalate further. The US military, however, may not be laughing. At the same time, however, they have different priorities.

There is a dubious logic behind this debate, based on a belief articulated by McMaster that North Korea is "undeterrable".

Guaranteed the North is working around the clock to produce more nukes, chemical and biological weapons. So while some in Washington might risk or even relish war to stave off a future threat to the US homeland, Seoul has no appetite for such a risky strategy.

The doctor, who the North Koreans knew would feed the information back to his bosses in America, held plutonium extracted at a secret complex in Yongbyon. The North said this was not on the table. Should the DPKR elect to fire a voley of multiple nukes at a USA city, it is highly unlikey that the US could guarantee 100 percent destruction of all inbound intercontinental ballistic missiles. The Americans argue North Korea's goals are not defensive or centred on regime survival, but offensive, with the intention of expelling the USA from South Korea, unifying the Koreas on their terms and then extorting compensation from those with whom North Korea has grievances.

Do the recent conciliatory talks between North and South Korea portend a new opening for diplomacy in the peninsula's security crisis, or is a USA military strike on North Korea, one with likely catastrophic consequences, still looming? There is no guarantee relations will remain so good afterwards. This suggests that the entertainers will be dispatched to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. North Korea may view them as a greater and more imminent threat.

Sen. Konstantin Kosachev denied any suggestion that Russian Federation was not committed to the United Nations resolution on North Korea, telling CNN that Russian Federation firmly adheres to "any sanctions which are supported by the Security Council".

The question of North Korea's intentions and motives has divided expert opinion.

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That's a strategy that has already been experiencing wider problems.

Trump insisted that he had started his sentence with the contraction "I'd", not "I", which would change the meaning from a boast of an existing relationship into a prediction that he could have a good relationship with the dictator if he wanted it.

In truth, South Korea's No. 1 goal remains persuading the USA not to take any unilateral action.

In tweets, Trump accused the outlet of creating "Fake News" over his interview, adding that he believed the WSJ knew what he meant and intentionally misquoted him.

Hecker was in charge of designing nuclear weapons for the United States for more than a decade.

The book's popularity "foretells Trump's political demise", it concluded.

The last two rounds of sanctions, passed after Pyongyang's last ICBM, and then nuclear tests, dramatically curb all North Korean exports and severely limit imports of oil.

"We openly said that we think this meeting is harmful", Sergey Lavrov said, echoing earlier sentiments from the Chinese government. Or looking at military force.

It must be said that the USA administration is not of one mind on whether a pre-emptive strike is necessary soon, even without a North Korean attack.

Last week's diplomatic niceties have nearly certainly reduced the risk of any North Korean disruption of the Winter Olympics by cyber attacks or worse.

But although Russian Federation insists that the money earned by workers is used to help North Koreans to survive, critics believe the reason it continues to employ them is because it wants to avoid pro-western regime change.