Nvidia teams up with Uber, VW for self-driving, AI tech

Nvidia teams up with Uber, VW for self-driving, AI tech

The development marks the transition of massive processing capability from research to production vehicles, and will enable Nvidia to diversify its software offerings within the auto. In total, over 320 partners are working with Nvidia on autonomous driving.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang revealed Sunday during his keynote at CES 2018, the annual tech trade show in Las Vegas, that Aurora is going to be using Nvidia's new Xavier processor as one of the building blocks of its self-driving vehicle system.

Uber began working with self-driving technology in 2015 and has since launched trials in Pittsburgh, PA, and Phoenix, Arizona. Uber is also using the technology in its current fleet of self-driving cars and freight trucks.

Uber and Nvidia announced at CES that the two have teamed up on the ride-hailing giant's push into the autonomous space.

DRIVE IX, another of the three new platforms it's unveiling based on Xavier, will make in-car AI assistants easier to build and deploy, with capabilities that incorporate both interior and exterior sensor data to interact not only with drivers, but also with passengers on the road.

Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ
Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ

Volkswagen said it will use the software to create an "intelligent co-pilot" to assist a driver.

Volkswagen has agreed to use the platform in its upcoming I.D. Buzz microbus, slated for delivery in 2022.

On Sunday, Nvidia also announced plans to create a production-ready AI autonomous vehicle system designed for China, in collaboration with Chinese internet giant Baidu and German auto parts maker ZF.

Nvidia introduced the Xavier processor in September 2016, announcing that with the capability of processing 30 tera-operations per second, the hardware would serve as the "supercomputer" for autonomous driving. Xavier was teased previous year.

Tonight, NVIDIA announced that its first samples of Xavier chips are now on the way to customers. The first production samples of the Xavier are now shipping out to customers, after being unveiled past year, and Nvidia also announced three new variants of its DRIVE AI platform, which are based around Xavier SoCs.

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