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Trump claims he 'probably' has a good relationship with N. Korea leader

Trump claims he 'probably' has a good relationship with N. Korea leader

In a significant reversal of the hostile rhetoric he has engaged with North Korea over the first year of his presidency, President Donald Trump signaled a willingness to take part in diplomatic negotiations with the rogue Asian nation during a phone call with South Korean President Moon Jae-in Wednesday.

United States President Donald Trump has claimed that he "probably" has a good relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as he is flexible when it comes to friendship.

Aside from attending the opening ceremony of the Games on February 9, Pence will visit Seoul and Tokyo for talks with leaders of the two USA allies on security and stability of the Korean Peninsula, the White House said.

A North Korea nuclear test may be in the works as recent commercial satellite imagery spotted activity at its Punggye-ri test site's South and West portals.

But officials say this discussion has been postponed until after the Paralympic Games, which follow the Olympics and end in March, given the intra-Korean talks and a planned 20-country meeting on North Korea hosted by Canada next week.

South Korea asked its neighbour to halt hostile acts that stoke tension on the peninsula, and in return, the North agreed that peace should be guaranteed in the region, the South's unification ministry said in a separate statement. He added that he saw a lot a of good energy.

Vice President Mike Pence and second lady Karen Pence will lead a presidential delegation to next month's Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the White House confirmed Wednesday.

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Trump appears to be intent on thawing relations with North Korea for now, amid the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea next month, where North Korea has agreed to send athletes and a delegation to participate.

This is especially true when one of the players is North Korea, an otherwise reclusive, belligerent nuclear power that spent much of 2017 stumbling ever closer into a catastrophic military confrontation with the United States.

President Jimmy Carter spoke with Kim Il Sung in 1994, but he was a former president by that point and Bill Clinton was in office.

The commentary is seen as an effort by North Korea to create divisions between Washington and Seoul.

"Not helpful enough, but they have been very helpful".

Although it is possible that North Korea has a hidden gem - its 1964 speedskating silver medalist, Han Pil Hwa, came out of nowhere - it seems as if most of its athletes will be destined for also-ran finishes. These are tough policy issues, which would need to be addressed by the South Korean leadership and people. "Hopefully, it will lead to success for the world, not just for our country, but for the world".