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Trump Questions Why US Protects Immigrants from 'S-hole' Countries

Trump Questions Why US Protects Immigrants from 'S-hole' Countries

"I felt so outraged".

"He said: 'Put me down for wanting more Europeans to come to this country".

Hillary Clinton hit back at her former political opponent Donald Trump, accusing the man who beat her of holding "ignorant, racist" views.

Mr Trump said the bipartisan immigration proposal is "a big step backwards" because it does not fund a wall along the Mexican border, and claimed it would force the USA "to take large numbers of people from high crime countries which are doing badly".

Miller is providing Trump advice that's tone-deaf on how emotionally invested Senate Democrats are on immigration, said a person familiar with the talks.

Haiti's ambassador to the US, Paul Altidor, said on Friday the president's reported remarks were particularly unwelcome coming on the eighth anniversary of the natural disaster which killed more than 200,000 people on the Caribbean island.

Clinton piled on, bringing up the anniversary of the devastating quake that struck Haiti in 2010 and using it as a club to hit at her former rival.

In Little Haiti, the President's remarks became a part of what's usually a solemn event.

Durbin also recounted a "heartbreaking moment" when Trump and others "scoffed" at his comments about the importance of family-based immigration.

Here's what five of the lawmakers who attended the meeting said afterward about the controversy. It leaves me offended.

In a tweet Friday morning, Trump said he used "tough" language at the meeting.

However offensive he is to his own people, when Donald Trump speaks, he speaks for the United States of America, whether Americans like it or not. "I will give them better".

President Trump has since rejected the claims against him in a series of tweets but White House communicators have however failed to categorically deny that he made those comments.

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It also said there was a serious need "for dialogue between the US Administration and the African countries".

Taking those cues, a bipartisan group of six Senate lawmakers hashed out a deal that addressed those issues and provided legal protections for undocumented immigrants who were brought to the children without proper authorization.

The White House has said it will provide a readout of the exam on Tuesday, but until then, here is what we know about Trump's health.

In Senegal's capital Dakar, administrator Idrissa Fall said "we can not really say that he (Trump) is wrong".

The president suggested the United States should instead allow more entrants from countries like Norway.

I could write a passionate rebuttal extolling all the virtues of Haiti, the island my parents are from, the first free black nation in the Western Hemisphere.

Trump tweeted Friday that was not the "language used" and denied saying 'anything derogatory about Haitians'.

Perry said she believed presidents should be subject to a raft of tests to establish they are fit to serve. I have a wonderful relationship with Haitians.

Santcha Etienne, 37, was incredulous.

It said the "remarks dishonor the celebrated American creed and respect for diversity and human dignity".

'You've seen the comments in the press, ' Durbin said.

Metellus, the community activist, believes that pain and anger will be felt at the ballot box. "I am committed to working with Republicans and Democrats to find common ground so we can move forward".