Prince Harry and Prince William's secret step-sister

Prince Harry and Prince William's secret step-sister

The reality TV star is understood to have grown close to Prince Harry's fiancee and with her family and friends spread across the United States and Canada, Meghan has turned to her London-based pal.

"Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie are very close, and therefore I wouldn't be surprised to see her welcomed back into the family fold for at least part of the wedding". Does his new schedule mean that he will be performing at the royal wedding?

With the wedding due to be held at Windsor on May 19, the royal source said: 'Some very knowledgeable people are saying she is actually being considered as a bridesmaid. The singer was a close friend of the Prince's mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. "But I am terrified she will get half-way down the aisle and then go, "I need a poo", her mother told The Telegraph, ahead of William and Kate's wedding.

With Meghan counting the likes of Serena Williams and her Suits on-screen partner Patrick J. Adams among her celeb pals, plenty of celebrity faces can be expected.

Fergie joins the hotly-rumored likes of Victoria and David Beckman, Barack and Michelle Obama, and Sir Elton John on the guest list.

Obviously, they want to be at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle for the big day; they just had to wait for a nod from the couple.

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Foreign royals and dignitaries will no doubt attend.

This isn't the first royal couple to get the TV-movie treatment, whether they like it or not.

Government mandarins are reportedly in talks with Harry to invite both the current President and the former or neither.

An invitation for former President Barack Obama seems like a sure thing after Harry became friendly with him and wife Michelle during their meeting at the Invictus Games. Lopes' sister, Kate, was one of the bridesmaids for Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding.

At this year's Grammy Awards, when asked if he would be attending and/or performing at the royal event, he said that he had no idea, and no one has invited him yet. "I'm playing in Vegas so I don't know what's going to happen".