Rejoice Nintendo Switch Users! You Can Use Gold Points To Buy Games

Rejoice Nintendo Switch Users! You Can Use Gold Points To Buy Games

Gold Points earned through My Nintendo will be valid until the last day of the same month of the following year. The low number of Gold Points for physical releases is likely to prevent gamers from hoarding used games to avail the Gold Points.

If you want some Nintendo Switch game ideas, check out the gallery below for a list of the releases you MUST buy. It's likely that the time has come and gone for an announcement of a Wii U port on Nintendo Switch so instead we look to the future of the franchise.

How Do You Get My Nintendo Gold Points?

You may have to buy tons of games on the eShop to have enough points to be able to purchase a full game using nothing but the gold points. Nintendo, however, is having the program step up to the spot left by Club Nintendo when it announced that My Nintendo members will soon be able to buy Nintendo Switch games with their gold points. Nintendo will be providing the option to pay part of a game's cost with Gold Points, and the rest with the usual Nintendo eShop payment channels.

Nintendo also didn't reveal if this comes with any limitations, such certain games being excluded, or a limit to the number of points you can use per purchase. The Japanese company had experimented with the idea previous year with Wii U and 3DS titles, but it was a temporary promotional campaign.

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This is the latest iteration of a rewards program from the Japanese-based video game hardware & software creator. The new feature will also work only with Nintendo Switch titles for now, according to IGN.

We view the online service as one component of our efforts to diversify how our games are played and to get people to play more of our games.

Nintendo rarely offers discounts on its gaming titles.