Robert Wagner's Story Doesn't "Add Up", Say Police

Robert Wagner's Story Doesn't

Detectives want to re-interview the 87-year-old widower of Natalie Wood, as new details emerge that could lead authorities to solve the mystery of the actress's death almost four decades later. Corina said the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office participated in the series to raise awareness.

While the actor has not engaged with the Los Angeles County's Sheriff's Department about the investigation, Wagner has been semi-active in the public eye.

The result remains the same as it was in 1981 and in 2011: Investigators still think the death is "suspicious" (but not a murder case yet) and Wagner is still a "person of interest".

New witnesses, who were on a different boat, have come forth since the initial investigation who corroborate other witnesses' accounts of hearing people on the boat arguing, Corina said. He encouraged anyone with information to come forward. "We ended up identifying witnesses that had never come forward in telling their story to recreate some of the timeline on what happened that weekend". "He was the last person with her on the boat, arguing", Corina said of the Hollywood couple.

Wood was out on her family's yacht with Wagner, their friend Christopher Walken and captain Dennis Davern the night of November 28, 1981.

Authorities said in a Monday press conference that Robert Wagner's story on what happened the night his wife Natalie Wood died "doesn't add up". "He's a person of interest because he's the last person with her before she went in the water", said Corina.

Speaking to 48 Hours, which will air an episode about the Wood investigation on Saturday, LASD Lieutenant John Corina said, "As we've investigated the case over the last six years, I think [Wagner is] more of a person of interest now". "We're closer to understanding what happened".

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New witnesses came forward following a 2011 press conference about the case.

Davern has said that he went to check on the noise being made by the arguing couple and "was told to go away by Robert Wagner", Corina recalled.

He claimed that Wagner's story has changed over the years, and said that Wagner did not immediately attempt to look for her once he determined that she was not on the boat.

He said the biggest challenge in the case is the passage of time.

"Somebody's lying", she said.

CNN reported that Wagner might have been jealous of Wood's relationship with Walken, as the actor mentioned Wood and Walken's friendship in his memoir: Pieces of My Heart: A Life. After disappearing from a yacht under circumstances that remain murky at best, her body was found hours later, clad in a flannel nightgown, red down jacket and blue socks. At the time, officials specified that Wagner was not a suspect.

"I haven't seen him tell the details that match all the other witnesses in this case", said Corina. "His version of events just don't add up". In 2016, Wagner opened up to about his bond with Natasha (who was raised with his daughter) and how hard life had been after the death of Wood."You just take it moment by moment and hope that it gets better and more light comes into her life".