See Jennifer Lawrence as a deadly 'Red Sparrow'

See Jennifer Lawrence as a deadly 'Red Sparrow'

People reports that Lawrence was on a flight from New Orleans to Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon - just before the Eagles triumphed in Super Bowl XLII - when she was moved to take the mic and show her devotion to Philly's National Football League team.

JENNIFER Lawrence didn't get the reception she may have hoped for when she commandeered a plane's tannoy system and attempted to get her fellow passengers to chant along with her. It's Super Bowl Sunday.

Then, in a way only an Oscar-winning actor could, she roused the entire plane, saying, "Can I please get a "fly eagles fly"?" The new 38 second trailer titled "She's Out of Your League" shows Jennifer Lawrence as a young woman forced into becoming a spy.

While several passengers joined in on the chant, others looked on with unamused expressions, leading us to believe they are closeted Tom Brady fans.

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Are you excited to see Lawrence in an action thriller of this type? "They asked her and she very happily said yes". Oh wait, it's just Jennifer Lawrence. Her costar Bradley Cooper showed up in Minneapolis on Sunday to root for his hometown team, who took home the trophy after a nail-biting 41-33 win over the New England Patriots.

Passengers seem dreary though and despite it being game day, the chants she receives back are awkwardly limp, most passengers seem disinterested. "I think everyone just went along with it, since flights are so boring". "Singing the Eagles fight song on his flight to Super Bowl".

The 27-year-old actress hijacked a plane's speaker before the Super Bowl on Sunday to cheer on the Philadelphia Eagles.