Streamline VR Development With HP's VR Launch Kit for Unreal Engine

Streamline VR Development With HP's VR Launch Kit for Unreal Engine

This is basically an end-to-end solution developed by HP for commercial use.

The updated Z4 workstation comes with a choice of Intel Xeon or Core X processors and supports dual extreme graphics. For instance, when paired with one of those beefy PCs, you'll have a 100-degree field-of-view, though HP doesn't say what the FOV will be when the headset is connected to a standard Mixed Reality PC. The only real difference is the addition of replaceable, and cleanable, face cushions.

Prices for the VR-focused Z4 start at $1,499 (£1,070), which should yield a spec that's got enough grunt to get started with VR.

The HP Windows Mixed Reality - Professional Edition headset also includes a short tether cable for use with the HP Z VR Backpack, so you don't have to contend with the long dangling cord.

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The company also showed off its VR Launch Kit for Unreal Engine, created to accelerate VR development and optimise VR deployment for high-fidelity use-cases.

VR development and deployment is a time consuming and arduous process.

HP is taking its Device as a Service (DaaS) offering and expanding it to include VR solutions. That's not all the company has to offer on the VR side of things, announcing a collaboration with Unreal Engine on the creation of a VR Launch Kit for Unreal Engine. The Launch Kit also includes support for Epic's Datasmith technology, which automates the conversion of engineering assets, such as CAD drawings, into a VR-ready 3D model. HP DaaS helps reduce purchasing complexity and improve cost predictability with simple plans that are easy to tailor and scale - no matter your company size or industry.

The HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset Professional Edition is scheduled for sale in March for $449.