Tamil Nadu govt launches clinic offering breast reconstruction surgery for free

Tamil Nadu govt launches clinic offering breast reconstruction surgery for free

A government hospital in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu has launched a clinic that offers free breast reconstruction surgery, officials said. A lot of women from around chose to go under the knife but majority are the ones who can really afford to shell out the price or in case of a medical case. "Now, we plan to do surgeries for those who want to increase or reduce their breast size".

"If we don't offer [the procedure for free] they may opt for risky methods or take huge loans for it".

The head of plastic surgery at the clinic, Dr V Ramadevi, also spoke to the United Kingdom daily, saying that some of her patients sought breast reduction to alleviate shoulder and back pain, while others sought to augment or shrink their breasts for a boost in confidence. "If they are fit I recommend".

In the last few months, many women had come to the hospital for breast reconstruction.

An India state has announced that it will provide free breast implants to those living in poverty, Indian Express reported.

Speaking on the merits of offering free cosmetic surgery to the poor, Health Minister C Vijaya Bhaskar says the move is ostensibly aimed at preventing people from turning to the black market, risking their lives and livelihoods in the process.

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Cosmetic surgeries are becoming more and more popular in India, with thousands seeking procedures, including the controversial limb-lengthening said to make people taller. "Why should beauty treatment not be available to the poor?". "We explain to them in detail about changes in their breasts after the surgery", she added.

According to the aforementioned report, the plastic surgery department will enlist the patients on Monday of every week.

Ramadevi also said the procedure would also be available to men. This latest move is not without its critics, however.

"The scheme sounds populist, but it is not an ideal public health programme". "State funds are required for emerging non communicable diseases and communicable diseases". Now let us see how this free service encourages the beauty treatment among the poor.

Apart from providing breast surgery, the Chennai clinic will also perform free cleft lip surgeries for children and hand transplants among other procedures.