The Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, Tonight on KSBW 8!

The Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, Tonight on KSBW 8!

Last November, one North Korean soldier took a much riskier route when he ran across the fortified border with South Korea under fire from fellow troops.

Also in the Olympic stadium, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and his wife cheered on Team USA - massive at 244 athletes.

South Korean Ambassador to Russia Woo Yoon-keun said on Friday the competition will contribute to easing tensions both on the Korean Peninsula, and in the world.

White House officials told Politico that Pence and Moon sat together during the opening ceremony to show the strong alliance between their two countries and the vice president chose not to move after sitting near the North Korea delegation.

The Olympics are now officially underway in South Korea. However, she and Pence did not shake hands despite sitting only seats away from each other.

On Thursday, sitting beside one another in the Blue House, claims of unity by Pence and Moon were belied by contradictory statements on engagement with South Korea's unruly neighbor. North Korean athletes and performers will even appear in the South.

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Hundreds of anti-North Korea protesters scuffled with riot police outside the Winter Olympics stadium in Pyeongchang, South Korea, hours before two of the North's most senior officials attended the Games' opening ceremony.

"And we talked about working closely together with South Korea as I did in Japan, ensuring those sanctions are faithfully implemented", Mr. Pence added.

With Kim Yo-jong - sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un - in attendance, the ceremony passed in a blaze of dazzling light displays, accompanied with hundreds of choreographed dancers and the traditional entry of competitors from each participating country.

However the opening ceremony was not shown on North Korean state TV, which was broadcasting patriotic songs and slogans celebrating industry and the armed forces.

Marching in order of the Korean alphabet, the Australians were forced to wait in the wings before snowboarding gold medal hope Scotty James led the team out.