China justifies scrapping two-term presidential limit

China justifies scrapping two-term presidential limit

Wang Xiangwei, head of publicity of the CPPCC National Committee, said the establishment of the legislators' and advisers' passages "has shown the worldwide status of China as a more and more open, transparent and confident country".

Besides approving the defense budget, NPC deputies are also expected to appoint Xi to a second term as president and repeal constitutional term limits requiring him to step down in 2023.

The budget of $175 billion is three times higher than India's defence spending.

It is conducive to uphold the authority of the Central Committee of the party with Xi Jinping at the core and also unified leadership.

Zhang did not say how much of a percentage increase China might see this year in its defense spending, but he stressed that the country's military does not threaten anyone.

"It is natural for the initiative to face challenges in its early stage", he said, adding that China welcomes all parties to work together to pursue shared benefits through dialogue and collaboration.

The adviser, Liu He, said he will take charge of reform efforts this month and wants a list of USA demands for what China can do to ease tensions, according to the person, who requested anonymity to discuss a confidential meeting.

China's "lack of transparency about its growing military capabilities and strategic decision-making continue to cause concern among countries in the region", the Pentagon wrote in its report on the country's military previous year.

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Steel and aluminum imports into the United States are mostly used to produce low- and medium-tech products for civilian consumers, posing no harm to USA national security, according to Wang Hejun, head of the Remedy and Investigation Bureau of China's Ministry of Commerce.

The annual legislature session commenced on Monday and will go on till March 20.

He rejected the "perception" that China was using the Belt and Road Initiative as a geopolitical tool as a misrepresentation.

"Also, it will help strengthen and improve the country's governance", Zhang said of the plan.

In 2017, at the Communist Party's once in a five-year meet, Xi began his second five-term without announcing his successors, a convention his predecessor Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin had followed.

"He's now president for life", Trump said. An amendment to the US Constitution approved in 1951 limits presidents to two terms in office. Trump has previously praised the Chinese president and their relationship, saying in a December interview with the New York Times, "I like very much President Xi".

The premier said Beijing will speed up state-led development of integrated circuits, mobile communications, aircraft engines, electric cars and other technology.

"We will not ask other countries to copy China's practices, but of course if some countries are interested in learning China's experiences and practices, we are ready and willing to share our experiences with them", Zhang said.