Chinese toddler locks mum's iPhone for 47 years

Chinese toddler locks mum's iPhone for 47 years

A 2-year-old Chinese boy has made headlines after reports claimed that he had disabled his mother's iPhone for 47 years.

The incident apparently occurred back in January 2018 when the mother gave her kid the iPhone to watch educational videos on.

In a post to online forum Mumsnet, the woman, identified only be her surname Lu, shared a picture of her locked device.

Sadly for this parent, it seems that she never backed up the contents of her phone, so she'll either have to lose everything or wait until the year 2065 for the iPhone to unlock. However, one day she came home to her phone being locked up for 25 million minutes, which roughly equates to 47 years. The child proceeded to enter the wrong passcode over and over again, forcing the iPhone to increase the amount of time which had to pass before it could unfreeze.

Lu had tried to wait out the problem hoping it would fix itself, but this has not materialized after two months. However, despite their expertise in handling gadgets, kids do end up doing odd things to your phones, like change your ringtone, delete your pictures or even basic apps from the phone.

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An Apple store technician reportedly told Chinese media outlet Kankanews that she has two options: Wait it out to unlock her phone, or reboot the iPhone.

"There is no way to solve it unless she resets the system", he said. Technician Wei Chunlong advised Lu to have the iPhone's data wiped and do a factory reset.

There were other occasions where iPhones were disabled for more than 80 years because of repeated unsuccessful attempts to input the phone's passcode.

The unfortunate incident could happen to any Apple device. Unfortunately, the only way to remove the passcode is to "erase your device which deletes all of your data and settings", it says. This entire situation could have been easily resolved by a backup and restore.