Disney Parks Arrive on Google Street View

Disney Parks Arrive on Google Street View

As more cold weather sweeps through the Northeast this week, it's hard not to daydream about what it would be like to be hanging out in Orlando, Florida or Anaheim, California instead.

If you've ever wished you could take a magical stroll through Walt Disney World before your big trip, then it's your lucky day! But in lieu of physically setting foot inside one of the parks, Google Maps is perhaps the next best thing, and certainly better than looking at static photos on the web.

The tours promise to let you see all the rides, attractions, and castles in the park.

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Disney fans won't have to travel far to visit Disney parks. Google announced today in an official blog post that its 11 theme parks all have a Street View presence.

Alternatively, just type which park you want to visit in Google Maps and go exploring from there.

Google doesn't mention any future plans, but we can only hope that more parks are added in the coming months.