Divvy stations added to Apple Maps, a bike-sharing data app

Divvy stations added to Apple Maps, a bike-sharing data app

Typing "Bike sharing" into Apple Maps' search bar will find the stations of the local service, so you'll know where to pick up and drop off a bike. The update comes after the Cupertino giant struck a deal with Ito World, a transport information company. Through the partnership, Apple is sharing Ito World's bike data feed that includes information for 179 cities in 36 countries.

An Apple Maps feature went live on Monday with bike-sharing data for more than 175 cities in 36 countries. But this is a big improvement over existing data.

Launched late previous year, Ito World's bike share data feed is the first commercially available, global bike sharing data set provided as a single feed. It just gives you the address, name and contact information for the service.

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This feature is useful when you are travelling from one city to another and want some adventure on bike. The app previously contained limited information on bike-sharing services in a handful of cities.

With this update, you can type "bike sharing" in any city and find the name of the service and the location of the closest station. However, it does not provide information on a startup that's operating a dock-less bike-sharing service.

The maps app lists Citi Bike in NYC, Divvy in Chicago, Biketown in Portland, BIXI in Montreal, and Velib in Paris. I tried looking for stations in smaller cities and it also works in European cities with hundreds of thousands of people.