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Donald Trump's gift for Kim Jong Un

Donald Trump's gift for Kim Jong Un

Failure? Or merely the start of another long and hard process meant to remove the North's nuclear capabilities?

If a summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un takes place in May, it will count as one of the most remarkable and unexpected pieces of theatre in diplomatic history. He said that misunderstandings at a summit could lead to "recrimination and anger" and even military action if Trump were embarrassed by failure. The deputy secretary of state John Sullivan sat in on Thursday's meeting with South Korean officials, where they presented North Korea's message and offer. We know that a "freeze" on the testing of North Korean nuclear weapons would leave the nuclear threat to our allies, our overseas bases, and the USA homeland in place.

As Trump's administration ramped up its "maximum pressure campaign" on North Korea over the previous year, Tillerson was one of the more enthusiastic advocates within the Cabinet for trying to talk to the North Koreans, even as other officials warned Trump of the risks of rewarding Kim too soon.

Former advisor to both Republican and Democratic secretaries of state Aaron David Miller told VOA the Trump administration now lacks the experts on North Korea to prepare for direct talks.

In fact hell will freeze over before Mr Kim voluntarily surrenders a capability that his father and grandfather believed would be the ultimate guarantor of their dynasty's survival and which has taken decades and huge sacrifices to construct.

Pyongyang's long race to develop a nuclear weapon capable of reaching the United States has proved a problem for successive U.S. administrations.

There are about 28,000 US troops stationed in South Korea, and more would be deployed to the peninsula in the event of war.

"Administration officials have said she was only emphasising the consequences should North Korea continue or resume nuclear missile testing or interfere with the joint missile testing between the US and South Korea".

He told reporters on Friday the decision to meet Mr Kim was one "the president took himself". -South Korean military exercises must continue.

Former US ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson has negotiated with numerous world's pariah leaders, from Saddam Hussein to Myanmar's military dictators to former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

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The South Korean national security adviser said Kim is "committed to denuclearisation", but there was no indication that North Korea had promised to take steps toward denuclearisation in order to secure a meeting with the US President.

Because Kim Jong-un of North Korea yesterday told South Korea that he is willing to meet with the leader of the United States, but Putin wasn't available, so Trump's going.

The willingness of North Korea to use chemical and biological weapons, requiring US troops to use cumbersome protective gear, raises the risks, Fazal said.

"He was much criticised for rhetoric on North Korea that was viewed as irresponsible and bellicose but it got both North Korea's attention and China's attention".

The whirlwind events of the past months might be compared to 1994, when former US President Bill Clinton concluded a major nuclear agreement between Washington and Pyongyang.

"No missile testing by North Korea during this period of time", Trump tweeted.

For his part, Xi urged the two leaders to begin talks as "soon as possible" and praised Trump's "positive aspiration". But there was no arrangement before George W. Bush's election.

For those reasons, Abe is expected to make a pitch to Trump during their next meeting to not move too quickly toward a more conciliatory tone with North Korea.

The agreement by Trump and North Korean leader Kim to hold talks 'boosted risk sentiment, encouraging investors to buy into riskier assets such as shares, noted Fiona Cincotta, senior market analyst at traders City Index.