Doria Launches Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus Protective Cases

Doria Launches Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus Protective Cases

New data from our Smartphone Mobile Internet Experience (Smix) tracker shows 78 per cent of Samsung's current customers believe they will stay with the brand when they get a new phone.

Samsung Care's mission is at least made significantly easier today with the announcement of over 300 sanctioned service locations in the U.S. providing same-day support, as well as repairs conducted by Samsung "certified pros" within "two hours or less" for "most" issues.

As noted above, you can have your device fixed at any of the 300 already-existent uBreakiFix locations, with Samsung planning to help build 200 additional ones by the end of the year.

The phones range from the S6 and Note 5 through the S9 and Note 8.

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That includes front and back replacements, including cracked and broken screens.

According to Samsung, "walk-ins are always welcome" and uBreakiFix will offer "same-day repairs" for most issues. What's more, it says that most repairs can be completed in two hours or less, and are fixed on-site.

Samsung plans to expand the program across the country to another 200 uBreakiFix shops by early 2019, allowing it to reach almost all the population in the continental US.

Owners of one of the covered devices will be able to make a Samsung Care appointment through the online booking tool. Notably, users of other Android devices are considering making the move to a Samsung, including 19 per cent of current LG users, 11 per cent of Moto users and 10 per cent HTC users. For the moment, it seems uBreakiFix and Samsung Care will be focusing more on fixing faulty phones than demonstrating value-add features, however. Samsung assures customers that all uBreakiFix fix centers will have genuine Samsung parts, proprietary Samsung tools for the repairs, and conduct repairs by Samsung certified pros.