Explore an ornate alien planet in lush indie Planet Alpha

Explore an ornate alien planet in lush indie Planet Alpha

As to the game itself, Planet Alpha is a side-scrolling platform adventure game.

If you are unaware of this game, Planet Alpha is an upcoming platformer features a attractive and vibrant alien world filled with suspense and danger.

Lazar started developing the game on his own about four years ago, but now sports a small team that is hard at work creating the game. Combinations of platform-style gaming, puzzle-solving, exploration, and stealth features make up the basic elements of the game.

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Players awake on a unusual alien world that is home to many mysterious, exotic flora and fauna. What will you discover? Is this world really as tranquil and serene as it first appears and what more will you discover? He gathered a small team, including Tim Løye Skafte for 3d art & animation and Tim Börrefors for level design, and they have been working tirelessly on the game since. "We are building something special and we're putting everything we have into it", says Lazar in a statement.

Adrian Lazar comments positively to the partnership, which allows the team to finally bring the game to players all over the world. According to Lazar, Team17 "truly believes in Planet Alpha as much as we do".

Debbie Bestwick, MBE, CEO of Team17 added, "At their best video games can take us to different worlds on incredible journeys". There are scant details about the game at the moment, but it is expected to be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. "It's such a pleasure to welcome PLANET ALPHA to the Team17 games label".