Google Assistant Routines coming soon to supported devices

Google Assistant Routines coming soon to supported devices

For now the selection of Routines offered by Google isn't the widest - essentially, there's just one ('Good Morning'). An example would be, "Hey Google, remind me to pick up milk when I'm at the store". The Google Home range of speakers was toted to make your domestic life easier, and it wouldn't be very good at it if it lacked the ability to remind you of stuff. The routines can be set up for one person, or more than one person, to use through Google Home devices.

Location-based reminders work with both Android and iOS devices. To set a location-based reminder, simply tell the Google Assistant to remind you something when you're at the location. That's available free from the App Store.

As mentioned above the Google Assistant "Routines" is available for the U.S. consumers only at the moment there is no information when the feature will be available for more countries and when it will be rolled out for the Indian market.

I've been pretty pumped about this, home assistants are at their worst when you get home and have to rattle off two or three different commands to get your stuff turned on.

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There are some limits, it seems, however.

You will be able to set up multiple actions with just one trigger phrase through Routines. You can't, in our testing today, say that you need to collect clothes from a named dry cleaners, for instance.

A location-based reminder is triggered, as the name indicates when you're at a certain location. Instead, the Google Home asked when I wanted the full instruction to be issued as a regular reminder.