Google might give Android Wear a name change to Wear OS

Google might give Android Wear a name change to Wear OS

Google's Android Wear mobile operating system for wearables could be set to get a new name as well as new features, according to feedback from Android P beta-testers reported by 9to5Google.

For a while now, we've heard reports about the shrinking Android smartwatch market.

Initially I was skeptical of the company rebranding to Wear OS.

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Developers exploring the latest Android P Developer Preview have also noticed that the usual watch-like logo has been replaced with a distinctive "W" and the announcement suggestively could happen by the time Android P is released - if not by the Google I/O conference in May. Meanwhile, existing Android Wear devices are receiving the Android Oreo-based update, so it's not as if there's much incentive for existing users to upgrade to a new device.

The LG Watch Style - one of the first devices to feature Android Wear 2.0. We suspect we'll find out more during Google I/O in May. There are some Android Wear devices that can be used with Apple as well so it would make sense to call them Wear OS, keeping it neutral across all devices. You're conditioned to look for iOS, so it's not initially 100% clear that Android Wear will work with your phone and may put you off looking at Google's smartwatches right away. Apple now leads the way in the wearables sector, ahead of Xiaomi, Fitbit and Garmin, all products and brands not using Android Wear.

Although the rebrand is now just a rumor, it's becoming a bit of a trend for Google with its Android products.