Here's why Oscars 2018 did not have a #TimesUp black dress code

Here's why Oscars 2018 did not have a #TimesUp black dress code

Throughout awards season, with lapel pins and megawatt advocacy and a sustained digital campaign, Time's Up has maintained its momentum. "This just doesn't work that way, and that's one of the reasons why I find it so refreshing".

Just days before the Oscars, the Wrinkle in Time director and a handful of other Time's Up members - Shonda Rhimes, Laura Dern, Tessa Thompson, Bad Robot co-CEO Katie McGrath and attorney Tina Tchen - met with about a dozen members of the media on March 1 to discuss what the group has accomplished in its first 60 days.

The frontrunners for the cause, which sprung up previous year in response to numerous sexual assault allegations in Hollywood, met on Thursday (Mar. 1) to confirm that both the message and the legal defense fund would have screen time. "Sexual harassment is the issue that's gotten all the coverage, but if we are really going to solve sexual harassment, the core issues are building equitable workplaces". "There's a moment that's been carved out", Ava explained to reporters. So while the red-carpet "blackout" for January's Golden Globes quickly became synonymous with the movement's demand for equality-emboldening its powerful rallying cry by lobbying for every woman who ever felt sexually, emotionally, or intellectually assaulted by a male counterpart-the real tour de force will continue to come not from these virally broadcast moments but rather from the daily hustle of Time's Up activists. Just a small percentage hail from entertainment, said political consultant Hilary Rosen, adding, "When we started the fund, we wanted to make sure that we prioritized the wage worker". Starting next week, lawyers will be able to apply online to the NWLC to request disbursements, although numerous 500-plus attorney volunteers are already offering their services pro bono. Ashley Judd recorded her experience coming forward against Harvey Weinstein as the inaugural piece for the project.

The organization, supported by Hollywood A-listers like Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Streep and Oprah Winfrey, has raised $21 million to assist women across the country who need financial support. "We are global at this point", Rhimes said. For a lot of people there is a feeling that this must be something you are invited to because everything else in this town is built with the idea of you with your nose pressed to the glass.

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"We're also well aware of how much attention people are able to command at certain times", agreed Rimes. Even men have been known to attend Time's Up meetings, with close to 180 attending a closed-door session earlier this year, according to Vanity Fair.

Though attendees of the Golden Globes and BAFTA Awards chose to wear black gowns to show solidarity with the initiative to fight sexual harassment, Time's Up organizers have confirmed that stars will not be expected to stick to a particular dress code for the Oscars.

Rhimes announced recently that the black dress code "was launched on the red carpet, but was never meant to live there", the Huffington Post reveals. "It's more important to do it right".