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Justin Trudeau visiting Hamilton to show support for steel workers

Justin Trudeau visiting Hamilton to show support for steel workers

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be visiting Hamilton on Tuesday in a show of support for the steel and aluminum industries.

Donnelly was speaking as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the steel city of Hamilton to reassure workers, as part of his week-long tour to defend Canadian jobs.

In the call with Trudeau, Trump "emphasised the importance of quickly concluding the ongoing Nafta negotiations", the White House said.

Trudeau is set to tour Stelco Hamilton Works and the ArcelorMittal Dofasco plant, as well as participate in a roundtable with industry leaders.

The U.S. government has been dropping hints that the decision to excuse Canada and Mexico from tariffs on steel and aluminum might only be temporary, and somehow dependent on the result of trade negotiations.

The federal government is examining new measures to stop China and other countries from dumping cheap steel and aluminum in Canada as a way to skirt recent hefty US tariffs. He is scheduled to tour steel mills in Hamilton, Sault Ste.

What he heard directly from the president echoed public remarks from Trump's administration: the US trade czar recently said he wants a new NAFTA concluded within weeks, because of upcoming elections in the different countries.

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"We are alert to that, we are working with partners in industry, with our American partners, to ensure that does not happen", Trudeau said of so-called transshipment.

He said he and Trump also "welcomed and encouraged the progress being made on negotiation of the renewed North American Free Trade Agreement" and discussed an opioid crisis affecting both nations.

"We are very concerned about the actions taken by China and the dumping of steel and aluminium on the global market", Trudeau said.

Trudeau says he has already spoken with President Donald Trump about foreign steel dumping and is willing to take further action, if necessary, to protect our industry. The steel tariff investigation was launched to see the impact of steel imports on US national security.

Brazil has said it will seek exemption from the newly imposed tariffs.

Trudeau said Canada already has "significant barriers" in place to prevent low-priced steel and aluminum from being dumped there, and is prepared to work with Washington to "do even more".

Canada is the United States' largest foreign provider of steel and aluminum, with about 85 per cent of Canadian exports being directed to that country.