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Kosovo lawmakers approve contentious border deal

Kosovo lawmakers approve contentious border deal

Vetevendosje released three tear gas canisters in Kosovo's parliament on Wednesday in a bid to stop the vote on the disputed border demarcation agreement with Montenegro.

The Movement for Self-Determination has a history of using tear gas to try to disrupt parliamentary proceedings. The opposition used tear gas a second time when the session resumed.

The parliament had been set to vote on an agreed border with Montenegro.

. Some experts said the border vote has given the party a chance to reassert its relevance. "This being said, local and Western reactions to the tear gas have been strong and are creating a popular backlash against such weird forms of opposition like throwing tear gas inside parliament", Selimi continued.

The tear gas caused leaders to evacuate the building in the capital of Pristina.

More than 100 parliament members were forced to leave the hall. Police led them away, apparently for questioning.

Lawmakers hope to qualify for membership into the European Union and the proposed land deal required by the union to give citizens the ability to travel freely between Kosovo and Montenegro, the Independent reported.

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Two members of the governing coalition were injured on Wednesday, but lawmakers nonetheless pledged that the vote would go forward.

As Kosovo's parliamentary speaker was calling deputies to start voting on the controversial border deal with Montenegro, opposition Vetevendosje released tear gas in parliament.

A previous attempt to ratify the border demarcation agreement failed on February 22, after the government made a decision to turn the vote into a package, by including two additional documents. The previous government and global experts deny that claim. I encourage them to vote yes for Europe. But a parliament majority can't be secured unless enough votes are gathered from the opposition ranks.

US Ambassador to Kosovo Greg Delawie also said following the incident that the vote will still take place during the course of the day.

"Such behaviour has no place in a democracy". The United States and 23 of the EU's 28 member states now recognize Kosovo as an independent country.